Modern Chiropractic

Our team consists of:

Dr. Rob Houlston

Master of Chiropractic

Christoph Geyer


Sebastian Schäfer

Sports Therapist

Together we have combined our knowledge to bring a MODERN Multi-discipline  Chiroppractic  and Treatment technique.

Together we have over 10 years of University education, and have together partaken in over 50 seminars.

Because of our combined knowledge and experience we can help nearly all musculoskeletal complaints and have great success in finding the cause of previously undiagnosed complaints.

New opening on 09.03.2020


Hauptstr. 90 (above Sparkasse)
55120 Mainz

Opening hours

Mo, We, Fr 8-11 a.m.
Tue, Thu 3-8 p.m.
Sa 8-12 a.m.

Appointments by arrangement